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Watch the latest review of our DivaDeva products. Liz Dwyer, Beauty Editor of IMAGE Magazine tests the fantastic DivaDeva Duo Kit on TV3's EXPOSE. And no surprise, she loves it. See what DivaDeva can do for you.

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Welcome to DIVADEVA, Anti-Ageing Technologies - Ultimate Skincare Experience.
DIVADEVA Skin Care - unique products for your skin. Safe, Effective alternatives to cosmetic surgery.
We create products that really work. Simple, easy, effective and of course affordable. We put a tremendous amount of time and effort to create each niche treatment, providing you with the latest cutting edge technology.
Our products really work.There are so many products making false claims that do not perform, why waste time and money?
DIVADEVA products will show you results!!

DivaDeva, Simple to Apply gives Fantastic Results - Just watch This

To Order Call:     1850 911 910 (Ireland)
  +353 818 911 051 (Outside Ireland)
       International calls charged at national rates

Lines Open 24 hours, 7 Days a Week

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Diva Deva - Duo Kit
Our Price: €59.95
Diva Deva Duo Kit
Reverse the signs of aging with a safe and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.

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Power Peptide Serum 10ml
Our Price: €25.00
Reverse Instant Wrinkle Remover
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Restore "Skin Revitalizing Treatment"
Our Price: €49.95
I- Serum
Our Price: €42.95
Power Peptide Serum
Our Price: €54.95
Plant Stem Cell Serum
Our Price: €79.95